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I'm a 24 year old red headed crafter living in Scotland.
Interests include: animals, landscapes, DIY, self-builds, tiny houses, birds, crafting

I am an advocate of "comfy sofa" blogs! Where you can post about WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE be it business or personal or pleasure or whatever. This is my comfy sofa! I relax here, chat about whatever I like with a cup of tea or glass o wine in hand.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Okay I understand artists charging more than mass producers for items. But your prices are a little high. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
magweno magweno Said:


I’ve said this a hundred times. Other artists have said this. People who aren’t even artists but care about others being able to support themselves from their work have said this. This is my job where I make my full time living. My prices are the way they are for a reason. And even if it weren’t my full time job I am performing a specialized skill producing luxury goods that takes time, money, and years to perfect. I deserve to be compensated for that work even if the money doesn’t go to basic survival necessities.

My products may be out of your price range, which is okay. That just means you aren’t my target market. But that doesn’t mean they are overpriced. And that doesn’t make it okay to walk around telling others what they should charge. There are a hundred resources on why artists price the way they do out there, please read the following and take some time to educate yourself:

- This is a “simple” forumla for pricing.  It does not include any specifics and simply includes “expenses” as a lump category.

- A more in depth guide to pricing.

- Here is a post from Magweno which does a good job of summing up all the “hidden” costs in crafting. It also includes a discussion on whether the perceived value of art should be taken into consideration. It doesn’t even take into account sales, self employment, or income taxes. 15% of my income alone goes to self employment tax. 15-30% (depending on how much I made that year) will go to income tax.

- If you want to spend some money to learn, there is an entire book on ethical pricing.

- Another blog post from Mill Girl who writes further on what goes into pricing, arts and crafts as a luxury item, what you support when you purchase handmade, and who/what you harm when you devalue handmade.

- A tumblr post which highlights the pitfalls of people who undervalue art and their negative impact on the entire art community. This includes both artists undervaluing themselves and clients undervaluing artists.

- Here’s an article on pricing as a freelancer and industry standards. For the record I consider myself under the category “Someone with a few years of experience and a good portfolio: $50 - $85+/hr.” I can promise I am charging nowhere near $50 an hour, and close to $25 since I supplement my income with “passive income” from pattern sales.

And that is just a few of the resources out there available. I sincerely hope you will read them and stop spreading negative attitudes on pricing.

A white caberfeidh with a white mane in my woodpile.. Http://

Incase you’re curious, I’m currently working in my neighbours byre above her potting sheds. They keep a small herd of highland cows who say hello every morning and evening when I come and go..

Stunning morning in Torridon today

Painted a few skulls today… The meikle abdabs I cast four of each at a time so they add up fast, but I can only do one caberfeidh at a time! so it takes a while to build up a collection of those. These 14 caberfeidh skulls are the result of about four days casting. #skull #halloween #crafts #resin #casting #spooky #art #abdabs #etsy

Abdab zines are here! They’re so cool, I’m so excited! They have a creepy story on how to abdabs were created and an abdab spotting guide, they are in my etsy shop #halloween #limitededition #abdab #magweno

Caberfeidhs and the other abdabs are now available in another colour, new for 2014: Spidersilk Silver! Early morning walks through spooky web-hung woods inspired this one. #halloween #artdoll


A very tiny and peculiar box arrived today!

Two particular dolls (Belinda the Coo and Abu the Ophie) seemed to recognize the smell, and demanded that I open the box immediately.

Inside, there was a tiny Abdab! We’re pretty sure it’s a little lady, but who knows with these curious…

I’m making a zine to go with the abdabs, oh man I haven’t drawn in a LONG time but this is really fun. I can only use a computer when I’m in the studio as I don’t have electricity to charge my laptop at the house, so most of the design of it is going to be traditional methods and cut and paste! I’m sketching out layouts of the cover at the moment..

Mofs are done! I always like making mofs. I made a moth gryphon a long time ago and recently was asked to make another, so I’m going to make a couple and put one up for sale. They are little posable fox like creatures with moth wings, pretty wee things. As always, more available in my etsy shop! Http:// including a tutorial on how to make these wings! #artdoll #crafts #art #moth

Been working on mofs :D

Asker kapariko Asks:
Hello magweno! You are one of my favorite artists and I fell in love with your caberfeidhs, but when I checked your shop recently they were gone :( Are you out or have stopped making them? Or was it just my computer being a dummy? Kinda sad to see them go, they were my favorite!
magweno magweno Said:

Oops, the listing had sold out! I’ve renewed it, thank you for alerting me!

This Plumpkin has been based on the commissioners dog and it turned out a cutie patootie #artdoll

Corvies now have the option of extras! A sugar skull motif, bone wings or a candle on the head (or just plain of course!) You can pick which you’d like in the corvie listing

Available in my etsy shop