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I'm a 24 year old red headed crafter living in Scotland.
Interests include: animals, landscapes, DIY, self-builds, tiny houses, birds, crafting

I am an advocate of "comfy sofa" blogs! Where you can post about WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE be it business or personal or pleasure or whatever. This is my comfy sofa! I relax here, chat about whatever I like with a cup of tea or glass o wine in hand.

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Thank you so much to everyone who took advantage of the discount, Rob and I JUST had enough to pay for the land and all the materials for our house! The studio has been packed into banana boxes and is waiting for the new space to be prepared, our trailer is loaded up, the animals have been put in their carriers and we’re just about to head out the door. 

I won’t be able to make any art dolls until August, and then I’ll be starting on the preorders, but I’ll be running a house-build blog over at if you want to follow the process! 

Have a great summer!

I am a proud frog mum

I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop! 10% off all orders over £50 using the code TIGHNANEUN14! You could get a little cutie like this guy :D #crafts #handmade #monster #cute #fluffy #artdoll #fox #dragon

Today our house went on the market! AHHH! Someone is coming to view it already which is great. I was packing up things and noticed this plate my family and I decorated a couple of years after we moved in. Every picture is a little story! The white flower is a clematis I bought my mum when she moved in… There’s the bow fiddle rock which is just down the road and a local landmark… A load of quails surrounded by autumn leaves that we spent hours collecting one time.. My goose Golly surrounded by dog poo hahaha because I never pick it up! Mum did that one. There’s the beach and the moon and mine and robs first car, tinsel, my turkey, the lobster we got from a fisherman once and turned into a feast .. My brothers Swedish wallpaper in his bedroom , and peas on earth!! Because we all need peace, and peas - gardening is good.

There are bananas in this banana box!! Get in! Free ‘nanas.

hahaha these bananas taste much better than usual because they are FREE. 

also can you tell i’ve been completely on my own for the past ten days, i’m posting blurry instagram photos of bananas and getting excited about it.


As I promised last post, here are better photos of the base assembled, but before paint (except for the paint on the Black Rabbit, obviously).

Next update on this will probably be when it’s all painted, but I might upload some detail shots; it all depends on how quickly it progresses.

Super sculpey (original and firm, mixed) and Apoxie Clay over a wire, mesh, foil, and wood armature.

More soon!

Yum yum yum yum crickets! #frog


Jake & Irwin Spaz-a-thon.

They don’t hurt themselves on the fencing, they just get surprised by it…. they don’t see anything when they run. I almost think their brains are in their bodies and their heads are just some weird appendage that doesn’t do anything but accept the payments of the foods. They are also not pacing out of frustration, they’re flipping out and excited because I just came home from work. Just so you know. :D

I love their happy noises and kicky little dances! They’re just so happy omfg! They also make a new noise, some weird hissy growl thing… I wish I could get it on video, but they don’t do it that often! I can’t wait til they start booming. :D

Look at these cute baby emus LOOK AT THEM

I was commissioned a couple of months ago to make an Alice in Wonderland set of abdab-style wedding favours in white, blue and pink colour scheme. I love how they turned out, and I have plans to make dormice paired with little chintz teacups. The rabbit and the cat have posable arms.

The cheshire cat, white rabbit, dodo and dormouse will be available to buy individually or as a set in the Autumn.

prismatician replied to your post:oooh! It’ll be white or yellow or a bit of both depending on the parents! It super rare for red eyes to show up on a budgie that isn’t lutino or albino as far as I know. Did you know that parents could produce this at all?

Nah the parents are both just pet shop budgies (not related) so I have no idea of their genetics. Although, I do now, sort of! They’re both blue and white, one has grey banding and the other has black banding. The two babies they reared about a month ago are identical to their parents, this nest of five look similar except for the one albino. I think it’ll be pure white considering the parents have absolutely no green on them at all! 


This beautiful Plumpkin arrived today from the ever talented Magweno. I’m completely in love, and so happy to finally be able to purchase something from this amazing artist!

Trixie my bunny got along with her straight away, and they both posed for this photo wonderfully. Fast friends! Can’t wait to draw fat dragons and bunnies all over my work!

Magweno’s tumblr is here

Trixie actually has her own blog here!

OH NOOOOOOOO that is so sweet *sobs*

OHHH I JUST FOUND THIS! OHH NOOOOOO they are so cute together!! Ahh!q

This little Plumpkin was made to have very similar markings to Hunter the cat, it’s so cool seeing them next to each other :D

I’m packing up the studio into banana boxes. This box… Don’t open this box.