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Snibbets of the life of Maddy Norval
To be taken once daily with a pinch of salt!

I'm a 24 year old red headed crafter living in Scotland.
Interests include: animals, landscapes, DIY, self-builds, tiny houses, birds, crafting

I am an advocate of "comfy sofa" blogs! Where you can post about WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE be it business or personal or pleasure or whatever. This is my comfy sofa! I relax here, chat about whatever I like with a cup of tea or glass o wine in hand.

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Yesterday evening I was working on a commission and Tinsel came in looking for mealworms. Then Dino (the black one), then Baba (the beigeish one) and then Guillemot (the stripey one). They all wandered around cherping and looking for mealworm crumbs, then Tinsel settled down and they all had a nap on my doormat! It was the sweetest things, those chickens are so dorky.

Guillemot stood on Tinsel at one point and Tinsel squawked and got up then started displaying to him! It was amazing! He’s only started doing it in the past couple of days but he’s so impressive when he does. I can’t WAIT for him to get bigger!

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