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I'm a 24 year old red headed crafter living in Scotland.
Interests include: animals, landscapes, DIY, self-builds, tiny houses, birds, crafting

I am an advocate of "comfy sofa" blogs! Where you can post about WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE be it business or personal or pleasure or whatever. This is my comfy sofa! I relax here, chat about whatever I like with a cup of tea or glass o wine in hand.

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I lost Ila today, I didn’t put the lid on her feeding box properly and when I came back to see if she’d finished she wasn’t in it.

Her tank sits on top of a coffee table next to a sofa, next to a bookshelf in front of an alcove covered by curtains which has the gas meter in it. Under the coffee table is a huge pile of board games and jigsaws. So… it was a bit mental looking for her. We also have a pianola in this room so that was scary.

But she hadn’t gone far, she was under the carpet under the gas meter in the alcove, behind the curtains, behind the board games, under the coffee table (getting a bit Suessy here). Thank god she didn’t go a foot further or she’d found the hole into the wall cavity.

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  3. beepunk-moved said: OH NO i got so worried by the first line, i thought you meant lost as in she passed away :(!!!!!!! IM GLAD SHES SAFE!!
  4. team-seaslug said: i almost had a heart attack when i lost my guys - i have no doubt that rats live in my street! I’ve seen preston rats and they’re the size of small dogs! Luckily everyone came home safe. Glad you found Ila :)
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