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Snibbets of the life of Maddy Norval
To be taken once daily with a pinch of salt!

I'm a 24 year old red headed crafter living in Scotland.
Interests include: animals, landscapes, DIY, self-builds, tiny houses, birds, crafting

I am an advocate of "comfy sofa" blogs! Where you can post about WHATEVER THE HELL YOU LIKE be it business or personal or pleasure or whatever. This is my comfy sofa! I relax here, chat about whatever I like with a cup of tea or glass o wine in hand.

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Custom Jackalopes Now Available!

You can now have your very own jackalope in one of three colours- black, brown or white. You have a choice of two antler colours- natural or gold!

This is partly just to inspire your imagination, jackalopes are available in any colour under the sun! From galaxy themed jackalopes with nebula eyes to a jackalope with the same colours and markings as your pet bunny, it can be done. Just send me a message via Etsy and we can talk about the possibilities. 

Jackalopes have squashy fake fur bodies with steel shot in their bums for weight. Their feet, paws, heads and antlers are resin cast from an original sculpt and painted with acrylics. They are varnished for durability and come with a miniature signed Magweno tag. 

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